John McGinn reacts to John Terry’s post about Celtic

Going into the Glasgow Derby, one of the last things that most Celtic fans would have expected to see was John Terry at Parkhead, showing his support for the Hoops. He made no secret of which team he was rooting for by wearing a scarf and it would have come as a surprise to many that the Chelsea legend has an affection for the Bhoys.

Since then, comments that he made about Celtic back in 2006 have emerged once again and it looks like the former England national team captain has had a soft spot for the club since he was a kid.

Most Celtic fans would not have been aware of that and considering the fact that he spent the majority of his career at Chelsea, would have been led to believe that he supported the Rangers instead. As it turns out, that is not the case.

One player whose support for Celtic has never been in any doubt is John McGinn. And when Terry posted a picture himself on Instagram at Celtic Park along with several others from which he described as a ‘bucket list weekend’, the Scotland international commented “Now we are talking” accompanied by a couple of emojis.

McGinn reacts to Terry’s picture from Celtic Park

Terry was a coach at Aston Villa for a while and even played for the club after leaving Chelsea, and as a result, he is expected to know McGinn quite well from his time there.

McGinn himself is believed to be a boyhood fan of Celtic and even came very close to joining the club, but the Hoops could not get a deal over the line and he ended up at Aston Villa instead.

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