Supercomputer predicts Premiership winner between Celtic and Rangers

Celtic might be leading the Premiership title race by 3 points with 8 league games to go, but there could still be many twists and turns, and nothing is certain yet. We have already seen proof of how quickly things can change, as the Rangers had a comfortable 6-point lead coming out of the winter break and must have been confident of their chances back then. A couple of months on and they are the ones trying to get to the top.

There are still 8 games to go in the Premiership though, including a couple of Glasgow Derbies. Thus, anything could happen and a lot could depend on the result of those two games.

Celtic have won the most recent one and in brilliant fashion, handing Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s side a convincing 3-0 defeat. On the other hand, the Rangers had won 1-0 at Ibrox earlier on in the season. Thus, there is still a lot to play for and nobody knows how things will turn out.

But as reported by The Scotsman, FiveThirtyEight have predicted how the Premiership season will end. Celtic are expected to finish on top and have a 72% chance of winning the league, while the Rangers have a 28% chance of retaining their title.

Supercomputer predicts Celtic-Rangers Premiership title race

Of course, football is played on the pitch and not by data and analytics. Nothing can predict the future accurately and a lot will depend on how things go from here.

But still, it must be said that this must be a boost to the confidence of the fans and the players, as they are increasingly looking like favourites, with each passing game.

Celtic must make sure though that they do not lose either of their games against the Rangers in the Premiership. The two sides are set to meet in the Scottish Cup semi-final as well.

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