Financial expert’s interesting claim about Conor McGregor buying Celtic

Conor McGregor’s name has been brought up several times in recent years, when it comes to potentially buying Celtic. The UFC superstar has made a fortune during his career in the octagon and outside of it, and was even the highest paid athlete in the world last year. Could he realistically become the owner of the Hoops in the near future though?

McGregor himself has made no secret of his desire to acquire a football fan. But most Celtic fans do not feel that he is serious about wanting to buy the Hoops.

The topic has come up in the past and did so recently as well, amidst the situation surrounding Chelsea, with McGregor quick to put his name in the hat.

If McGregor was ever to buy a football club the size of Celtic though, and that is a big ‘if’, it would most probably be as part of a consortium, with him being the face of the operation. As reported by Football Insider, finance guru Kieran Maguire said about the matter:

“McGregor might be front of house as far a consortium is concerned.

“He doesn’t have the resources himself, but he does make a fortune out of his own brand.

“I don’t think he would be advised to buy Celtic or another football club alone, it would have to be as part of a group.

“However, he would be the public face and centre of attention if such a deal was to take place.”

Could McGregor buy Celtic in the future?

In recent times, it is not an uncommon event for celebrities to become part-owners of football clubs by being part of a consortium.

In fact, most people expect Chelsea to be acquired by a group as well, with several appearing to be in the running to buy the current Champions League holders.

Thus, it would be a mistake to completely count out McGregor’s chances of ever acquiring Celtic or a part of it at least. He is a huge worldwide celebrity and combine that with the Irish connection and it makes sense for him to be the face of such a consortium.

Whether it will happen or not is a different matter altogether but it is certainly not outside the realms of possibility.

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