“Best signing since Larsson. The man’s a genius” – Listen to brilliant Hoops fan caller loving Celtic. But it’s not Jota

Quite the claim isn’t it.

We haven’t seen a Larsson type signing in a long time at Celtic and, truth be told, we probably never will again.

The King of Kings was unique. The biggest steal of the 21st Century was when the late, great Wim Jansen went to his home country and mugged Feyenoord for the Swedish genius and brought him to Paradise.

We will probably never see the likes of him again on the hallowed turf of Celtic Park. At least not in my lifetime.

But it looks this season we may be coming close with Jota and Kyogo in the side.

However, it wasn’t Jota or Kyogo this Celtic fan was raving about when he called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard to wax lyrical about his club.

Have a listen to this:

And who can argue with that point of view?

The manager should always be the most important person at the club. The manager should always be the biggest signing.

As has been proved when Celtic pushed the boat to get Marton O’Neill and Brendan Rodgers.

Now I know Ange Postecoglou wasn’t in their mould. I’m not daft. But someone at the club seen what the big Aussie could do and for that, they need to be congratulated for.

What also needs to be done now as with any superstar signing at any club is a new deal be offered.

Ange has a vision for this club.

That vision cannot be completed with a rolling contract.

Time to step up and give him a four or five year deal.

He’s proved he’s worth it.

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