Was a pundit allowed to lie about Ange Postecoglou on live radio?

I like The Go Radio Football Show. Unlike it’s counterpart over on Clyde 1, the debate is very good and the callers on the show are, in the main, very balanced.

So why then was pundit, Leanne Crichton, allowed to make an unfounded allegation about Ange Postecoglou being allowed to hire his own backroom team on live radio without challenge or rebutal?

Especially when Ange himself has consistently come out and said the backroom team wasn’t a priority, the team was.

Speaking on the show, Crichton was speaking about the wholesale changes required at Ibrox due to Steven Gerrard’s departure when she said, “Like the Celtic situation that the staff  are there in place and Ange Postecoglou comes in and he needs to work with them and he doesn’t get the option of bringing in his own staff.

“Then you look at the Rangers situation where a new managers probably going to need to bring his own staff. What is a better situation because you’re then trying to work with a group of staff that have different techniques.”

But hold up. Didn’t Ange address the backroom issue back in July when he said, “My history is if there’s good people in the building then there’s no reason to change it.

“So far all the staff have been excellent and have embraced where we want to go to.

“I will back my judgment in all these things. I take responsibility at the end of the day.

“We need to add to our staff for sure. We will be bringing in people at the appropriate time.

“Not necessarily in the coaching area, but there’s other areas we need to bolster.”

These untruths need to be called out.

Ange shouldn’t have to continually bat back these stupid allegations against him and the club.

Or maybe, just maybe, pundits should do their homework before spouting absolute guff?

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