“I had to laugh a bit there at Charlie Adam” – Former Celt brilliantly calls out Adam’s hypocrisy in Dundee fixture

Yesterday’s result at Dundee was more like a stroll in the park.

Do not let the scoreline, or pundit’s suggest otherwise. That was a polished attacking performance by the Hoops.

From the wide play to the finishing, to Jota skinning all and sundry, the scoreline did not do the game stats justice.

But there was a flashpoint in the match where Anthony Ralston absolutely done former Rangers midfielder Charlie Adam when the Dundee midfielder tried to out muscle the Hoops defender off the ball.

It was a thing of beauty and Adam was left sprawling on the ground as Ralston whipped in the ball for Jota’s second and Celtic’s third.

You can view the video below.

There’s nothing better to see Adam laid out by one of Celtic’s youngsters as he tried, and failed, to teach Ralston a lesson in dispossession.

Just a few minutes later, the same thing happened with Ralston but not with Adam, where he shrugged off another Dundee defender to almost set up Jota for his hat trick which apparently sent Adam into a rage with young Dens Park right back Cammy Kerr.

It was spotted by former Celtic right back Mark Wilson on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard and Wilson called out the veteran defender for his rank hypocrisy, “I had to laugh a bit there at Charlie Adam.

“So he heads the dink cross from Jota, he heads it behind and he turns and shouts at Cammy Kerr, ‘Get tighter, stop that cross!’.

“Yet it was only about ten minutes ago that he ran into Ralston, got shrugged off the ball and then jogged out and turned his back on  Ralston’s cross.

“And you think, you know, Charlie’s a good professional, had a top career but you can’t be shouting at your young right back if he’s just done worse.”

Not very role model like behaviour that even fellow pundit Alex Rae agreed with.

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