Major football fan site strange crusade against Celtic star

I love reading different fan site opinion’s about Celtic.

Not the Celtic sites like this one but those that have no affiliation to the club. Those that just offer opinions about the club, the players, results etc…..but without the Celtic slant.

Because, lets face it, we as Celtic bloggers can either write with the green tinted blinkers on or with too much emotion that sometimes, our judgement can be clouded.

But this week, Football Fancast seems to be holding some sort of, I don’t want to say vendetta, so lets call it daft opinions, about Celtic winger Jota.

Jota has been an absolute stand out all season for Celtic and his trickery and goals have made the Portuguese and instant hit with the Hoops fans.

On Tuesday of this week, an article was written saying that Jota should have been dropped for the away trip to Hibernian.

The writer claimed that the winger should have been rested for probably the toughest away match on paper this season.

Which is strange as Jota has played just twelve games this season and benefitted from a prolonged period of rest at the last international break.

Another article appeared last night just after 6pm claiming that Jota had somehow let Ange Postecoglou down in yesterdays 0-0 draw with Livingston at Celtic Park.

The site took some random stats from a vague football website where it claimed Jota gave possession away cheaply and failed to make any key passes.

How about this random idea? That’s what happens with wingers.

They blow hot and cold. Even the legend Jimmy Johnstone had quiet games in the green and white hoops. It happens.

The whole team underperformed yesterday. To claim it was all down to Jota is reaching at best, and disingenuous at worst.

Jota simply cannot be at it every single game. And to be fair to him, he has been a standout performer this season,

Yesterday’s draw? Yes he was a contributor to that. As was the whole team.

But let the manager down? Do me a favour!

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