“I am not Neil Lennon” – Strange twitter account being called out as former Celtic boss

Ok, those that regularly read my blog know that I love twitter stories regarding Celtic.

To get instant fan reaction to any news regarding the Hoops, Twitter is the best place to go.

But this is one story that, as strange as it sounds, I couldn’t ignore.

But this tweet appeared on my timeline and normally I would have bypassed it but it pulled me in:

Now I know twitter is awash with some random weirdness, but delving into the comments (and previous tweets from this accounts) the question has to be asked. Is this REALLY Neil Lennon?

There are some Celtic fans that genuinely believe this is the former Celtic boss:

So not much to go on but on pretty much every tweet there are Celtic fans calling the person out as Lennon.

But then there is this tweet which is reminiscent of a similar rant Lennon had in national tabloids not too long ago:

It might be nothing. It may be something. The fact this account follows Lennon’s agent, Martin Reilly, could be a complete coincedence but it is definitely one worth keeping an eye on.

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