Former Rangers star can’t stop praising Celtic manager

Ange Postecoglou might have only been at Celtic a few months but he has already made a huge impression and become a fan favourite despite a mixed start to the season. And a former Rangers star could not stop praising the manager recently for his influence.

It is safe to say that Postecoglou has his own distinct style and way of going about things. But we have already seen that he can make his mark at Celtic and could be the man to take them back to the top of Scottish football.

To be honest, he has not been dealt the best of hands. But he has done pretty well till now, all things considered. When Celtic have had their best players available, the team has shown tremendous potential for the future on gone on impressive winning streaks. Now, it will be about adding depth to the squad and making them more ready to challenge for the title.

Kevin Muscat has played for Rangers in the past, but it is Postecoglou, who has had a massive influence on his managerial career. As reported by FotMob, while speaking with Stats Perform, he said:

“Having an opportunity to work with Ange and try to fit in so much during the 14-15 months together. Fitting in so much knowledge. That’s when it dawned on me – I knew I wanted to be a coach but then I was like, wow, this is what it takes.

“Ange took me out of comfort zone. It’s not really a test because Ange is focused on winning the game and everything needs to be right, but I found myself tested and out of my comfort zone. I had spoken to Victory two or three times prior to that about when opportunities were available to take over and I didn’t even entertain it.

“When Ange went to the national team, I had a conversation with him and that gave me a lot of belief in my own thoughts and coupled with how Ange goes about his style of play. I knew I was ready then. Fortunately enough, Ange was fairly influential in speaking to the club. The rest is history.”

Postecoglou has made quite an impression since arriving at Celtic

Most people who have worked closely with Postecoglou over the years have had nothing but positive things to say about the manager.

It does feel like Celtic have a long-term manager on their hands at this point of time and now, it is just about properly backing him.

Most people would have expected this to be a transitional season and not given Celtic much chance of competing for the Premiership title but it does look like if the core group of players can remain fit, they could definitely make a run for it. Postecoglou deserves immense credit for that.

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