Daily Record incredibly claim Celtic target is going nowhere. How could they get this so wrong?

I remember when journalism was proper journalism.

The days when you buy a newspaper just to get the latest news on your team before the dawn of the digital age.

And now, to get the very latest news on your club, it is as simple as a small click on your phone.

It’s brilliant right?

Yeah, unless a report claims an update on a Celtic transfer is over three months old AND been seriously misquoted.

Mark Pirie of The Daily Record, wrote and article yesterday claiming that Celtic have been told that long term target Lee Buchanan is going nowhere midway through the season by Derby County boss Wayne Rooney.

He has quoted Rooney as telling Derbyshire Live (he even got the publication wrong), “None of my players are going anywhere,” Rooney said.

“Obviously, we haven’t got enough players as it is.

“The way we are trying to play, they are the two most important players on the pitch, so none of my players will be leaving the club this transfer window unless it is to benefit them, whether it is a loan, but that can only happen if we are allowed to bring players in.”

And if you are a Celtic fan, you would be thinking, ‘Oh well, let’s move on‘ right?

Yeah back in JULY you would.

Because that’s when the quote was made when the news broke back then that Celtic were interested in the left back THEN.

But now?

Buchanan has already entered the final year of his contract and with Derby suffering real financial hardships, the chances are that they would be more likely to cash in now than lose the player for nothing next summer.

Maybe a little more research and little less copy and paste is required Mark eh?

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