Sports vlogger uncovers more Ibrox racism and Twitter fan denial

Yesterday morning I wrote and article on the experience of a lady at Ibrox, who alleges when she tried to call out racist and sectarian chants at Ibrox she was met with vitriol and abuse from male supporters that she felt the need to leave the stadium.

Today, I can report on a second case of alleged racist chants again at Ibrox in the same match (Hearts) where prominent sports vlogger, Qasim Sheikh, said he heard vile sectarian signing for the full 90 minutes and abuse aimed at the linesman for making an honest mistake.

The vlogger took to twitter to recall his experience, “I was at Ibrox this Saturday for the RangersFC game vs Hearts.

“I know I will be get the you are not a Rangers fan for this post and for that I will simply say Thumbs up the full 90 mins was full of bigotry, linesman made a bad call early on and was then called a Tarrier fenian b…

“It’s crazy that in 2021 this is still going on and far from ending. Calling someone the names above is no different from calling someone a b.. b or whatever. I can’t see it changing, I will support the team from far now which is made up of a diverse squad!

“Just to add, and to avoid confusion I am by no stretch saying it was the full stadium,however in my stand there were a fair few doing so,as I said above my wife is Catholic and if she was somewhere hearing Paki for instance I would expect her to feel the same.”

And it didn’t take long for the usual replies and excuses to come marching in:

And then the accusations of lying come to him:

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